The degree of complexity of construction and repair

Construction in any manifestation is a difficult process requiring certain knowledge, tools and materials. The same can be said about repair. Both the construction and repair is the case of professionals, because even with the initial skills in medicine, none of the normal people will take up professional medical activities. And by the way, more people can suffer from the illiteracy of the builder than from the grief of the doctor. By the way, now many in construction use fears of reinforced concrete ones, they are cheap.

The most simple manifestation of repairs is the so -called cosmetic repairs, which most often consists in gluing wallpaper and painting the ceiling, even without thorough preparation of surfaces. In principle, absolutely everything can cope with such repairs.

It will be more complicated with major repairs, the conduct of which requires very serious knowledge, and in many areas, because you will have to not only paint and glue, but also organize communications, new partitions and engage in other professional tasks. In the next place, in terms of complexity, His Majesty is already the construction of only low -rise, but it also requires very extensive knowledge, and if it was possible to get out with a overhaul, then in the absence of knowing it will definitely be necessary to attract specialists.