Advantages of air heating

It is known that air heating is able to create comfortable conditions that are little achievable for other systems. Maintaining the desired temperature, certain humidity, purity of air – all this is the result of modern automation and equipment. 1) economy. Increased heat efficiency of the entire system. 2) Aesthetics. No radiators and pipes. Only using the air heating system can the windows can extend the entire perimeter of the building. 3) a long service life. More than 20 years. It will also not be superfluous to learn more about the new name in the market of lawnmands – Stiga on the site /Stroymaster. Co. UA can find all the necessary information.

4) there is an opportunity to operate at all times of the year.

5) small material intensity.

6) creation of supply ventilation. In this case, the outer air is warming and cleaned in the air filter.

7) there is an opportunity to create channel air conditioning.

8) bacteriological cleaning with ultraviolet ionizer.

9) EC long installation time.

10) Minor inertia

11) there is no intermediate coolant.

12) light removal of smells using coal filters.

13) cleansing recirculation air using ordinary or electronic filters.