Ways to perform interior partitions

You can separate the area of ​​the house or apartment into independent rooms by using partitions. There are quite a lot of their types.

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They can vary both in design and in the material that was used as raw materials for their arrangement. It is also possible to lay soundproofing.

The easiest way is to arrange a single partition using ordinary boards. It will only be possible to get a reliable design only for the condition that the boards have an impressive width – about 5 cm. For such a partition, the frame is first installed, to which the filling elements are then nailed.

A single partition can also be performed using other materials. For example, brick is well suited for this, but it has a large weight. Penfoblocks will weigh a little less. But these materials will have to be cut along the halves, since as a result of laying entire foam blocks the partition will turn out too wide and take a lot of space.

Double partition is usually arranged using drywall. At the same time, a space remains between the two layers of this material, which can be used as a place for placing insulating material.