We make a mountaineering

Great decoration for a country house – Alpine slide. It is quite difficult to make it, but it will delight her eye for a long time.

The most important thing is to choose such a place on the site where there will always be enough sunlight. Also prepare a drainage system and beautiful stones. When choosing decorative stones, pay attention to the size, for a large slide, massive fragments of rocky rocks are not suitable for a large slide. It is customary to lay out layers of stones with several tiers, providing a place for plants. Thinking thoroughly which plants are better to plant, so that the hill pleases your eye all the warm season. Use the ground for a hill thoroughly cleaned of weeds. It is better to use a mixture of peat fertilized minerals.

Care for the climynarium is very simple: timely watering, especially during growth and flowering, and regular loosening of the earth. In the fall, you will have to make more efforts: the overgrown plants are cut, remove all dried plants and insulate those that need it. In the spring we destroy all pests and fertilize the earth with mineral mixtures. The process of preparing the mountaineering is very exciting, and the result will pay for all the attached forces.