DIY wall repair tips

Sooner or later, we are all faced with the repair in the apartment. One of the important elements is the walls. This is the face of our apartment. First you need to develop an interior. Pick up colors and paint. When choosing a color, you must be treated creatively, pay attention to the illumination of the room, given the color of furniture, floor and doors. There should be the harmony of colors.

Having decided on the color, you need to choose material for work. It can be wallpaper, tile materials or paint. After that, we need to prepare the walls. Namely, wallpaper or old paint must be removed. Check the walls for the presence of cracks. And if any, we open them to the base. It is very important. If you leave the crack as it is, then after applying the paint, the plaster may fall off in this place.

We apply a primer, we wait for complete drying. Now we can stick the painting grid on cracks, joints and angles. And now the time has come for putty. When buying putty, be sure to explain in which places the work will be done. There are several types of this material. Proopales of the walls, do not forget that it will take about two weeks to dry out for drying. It all depends on what time of year. If the time is warm, then both paint and putty will dry faster than usual. Do not forget another important point before putty.

If there is a need for an additional outlet or you need to do some work with wiring, this is best done to work with putty. Well, now when everything is practically ready for painting, we apply another layer of primer, for the fact that it would be better to apply and lasted paint. We are waiting for two days and we can start painting work. For painting walls, it is advisable to use water -based paint, it is diluted with water, dries quickly, is well absorbed into plaster, contains only organic dyes.

After painting, water -based paint will not be different shades. Rooms with high humidity, meaning the bathroom, it is better to paint with moisture -resistant paint. You need to apply paint 2 times. The first layer will hide all the shortcomings, and the second final. We need a painting brush and a painting roller with a tray. The roller is suitable with the pile, bubbles remain from the foam roller. Opening the walls for the first time, you have to wait until the walls dry out. We open the second and he is the last time, on this the painting of the walls is finished. We continue to enjoy life in an updated apartment.

Based on materials from the Svoimichkami site. Make the repairs herself.