Before laying the foundation

The planned construction of a particular design requires a thorough study of the layer of the soil to the depth, a little more than the one that is necessary for laying the foundation. At the same time, they take into account the “floating” of the soil, the depth of freezing and the seismic hazard of the area in which the construction of the building is designed. After the soil has been studied and the type of foundation is selected for the constructed structure, 200 – 300 mm of fertile soil is removed on the site and with the help of the rope frame make the marking of the proposed foundation. After the breakdown of the place for the foundation is possible


About proceed to the excavation of soil. The depth of the trenches laid depends on the high -quality composition of the soils. If the depth of trenches does not exceed one meter, then the walls of the foundation are made vertical, otherwise – the walls of the foundation are built with a small slope. The soil of the soil determines the use of shield formwork, which is removed after the end of the foundation. The most economical foundations with the least volumes are considered to be the most economical. Due to this and with the necessary quality of the soil, it is advisable to use columnar foundations and not resort to their unreasonable thickening.