Construction of wooden and brick cottages

There are a huge number of materials for decorating the office facades. In the decoration of the facades, a natural stone, marble, tuff can be used. Recently, hinged ventilated facades, as well as such a material that is widely used in Europe, like graffito, has become widespread.

As a rule, not the entire building occupies the offices of small companies, but only the floor or part of the floor. Traditionally, the office redeems or rents a room on the ground floor if the company operates with a large flow of customers. Such enterprises include insurance companies, travel agencies, legal and notary offices and other enterprises of certain services.

So, the first floor, if it is a floor in a residential building or in a multi -storey building, I want to somehow allocate an office, so that it would distinguish itself from the entire building as a whole and, nevertheless, does not violate the overall view of the building.

I would like to pay attention to such finishing material as stone granules. What is it, it is a modern finishing material in the form of a paste, it comes in buckets in a half-liquid form, is a consistency of a binder and small pebbles with a diameter of about 5-6 mm, has countless colors and shades, is applied to the prepared and leveled surface with a layer of approximately 5 mm. After application, the perfect, very neat type of facade is obtained.