Build a bath with our own hands

In any bath, everything should be one idea – a great steam that will be very useful for our health. It is important to consider that there should always be a rather high air temperature in the steam room. In order to ensure the correct circulation of air, as well as to ensure normal ventilation, it is very important to choose the right wood species. In this case, comfort in the bath will increase, restructuring in the human body will not be too much after getting into the sauna. Shock – a significant reaction of the body to a fairly high air temperature. If the body receives shock, the work of all human organs in the overload mode occurs. In small quantities (they are calculated individually by each person), such a shock situation is useful, since adrenaline is generated, and, therefore, the protective reserve of the whole body of a person occurs, the immune system increases, there is a high -quality and rather rapid cleansing of toxins of the whole organism.

In the construction of the bath, any detail is important. With proper organization of steam rooms, people who have heart disease can use it. Of course, the necessary temperature regime must be observed at the same time.

Entering a competent bathhouse, which is healed to a very high temperature, breathing in hot air, a person experiences a rather pleasant sensation. If the technological chain is broken during construction, then literally after a few minutes unpleasant sensations arise, the heartbeat rises.

In order to hold heat in the bath, make a high threshold and low influx. The door should have dimensions 70 × 170 cm, it is made of boards, which have a thickness of 40-50 mm per quarter or in a spoon. The ceiling in the bath is not more than 2.3 m so that rapid heating occurs, and energy costs are low. It is also important to provide spilling, usually for this, small cracks are left between the boards in the floor.

Let’s try to find the answer to the question of how to build a beautiful bath on your site correctly and quickly on your site. The bath has a very favorable effect on the human body, it is in the bath that there is a real opportunity to relieve psychological and muscle tension. After a bathhouse, any person feels an additional surge of strength, the mood increases.

Nowadays, the bathhouse becomes the center of various important events in the life of its owner, because friends gather there, business issues are being resolved. When building a bath, temporary and material costs are needed. It is important before the start of construction to decide which option is planned to build.

During the construction of a Russian bath, it must be remembered that its main difference is the use of wet steam. In the pair of Russian baths, the temperature of the order of 60-70 degrees is considered optimal, while air humidity is allowed up to 60%.

These temperature characteristics will allow the bath to take a great steam, without feeling any unpleasant consequences. The moisture indicator will allow the broom to always remain soft and wet.

A distinctive feature of the Finnish sauna is quite high temperatures that can reach 90 – 120 degrees, while air humidity is used about 10 %, that is, very low. Using the usual bath broom in case of such high temperatures is not recommended. The fact is that in the case of the creation of high air temperature in the Finnish sauna, the load on the work of the heart increases significantly. In addition, it will be quite unusual to observe how someone slaps himself with a broom in the Finnish sauna. A broom, moistened in water, will dry almost instantly, since the sauna has a very low humidity. The Finnish sauna is being built in order to enjoy it from a completely dry couple, to be able to relax, relax.

Nowadays, interest in owners of private houses in the construction of a Turkish steam room is increasing. It is always warm, but wet.

Thanks to the process of developing baths, three options for moisturizing air artificially appeared, as well as changes in the temperature regime bath: Finnish, Russian, Turkish.

It is necessary to say right away separately that each built bath has its own unique style, character, therefore requires a special approach. In order to understand the features of each version of the bath, you just need to take a steam bath, then everything will immediately become clear.

Any steam room will perfectly cope with its main task – to remove excessive toxins from the body. In addition, you can warm up in the steam room, improve the condition of the skin.

The construction of the Turkish bath on their own is a very laborious lesson. Better to contact specialists.