Specialized door shop Dariano

Dariano doors store is a real find for a buyer who wants to purchase a high -quality, stylish, created by modern technology, an interior door for a moderate price. When looking at the products of the factory from g. Ulyanovsk, it’s hard to believe that these doors came off the conveyor in Russia, and not from the hands of Italian masters. Interior doors are made only of whole wood, and their real decoration is the coating of natural veneers of expensive and rare wood species. You can choose a traditional oak tree, red tree, beech, as well as zebrano, wenge, an ebone tree.

To his taste, the customer can choose both a deaf design and an original model with an insert of anti -guided matte glass. For the convenience of customers, the widest model range of doors specialized doors store into separate collections, each of which includes models of a certain style solution. It is very convenient to select the door for a certain style of the interior, because in this case it is enough to turn your attention to a certain collection, designed in a classic style, high-tech, or even in country style. Beauty, quality, durability, prestige – these are not just characteristics, but a real business card of the interior doors of Dariano.