How to lay linoleum

Most of our citizens are familiar with the floor covering – linoleum. This material has long been popular with those who do not have funds for expensive coating. One of the important advantages of linoleum over other types of coatings is its low cost and ease of laying. Linoleum is produced in rolls of various widths. Therefore, having made measurements of the room, you can choose a canvas in its width. In this case, there will be no need to cut the material, connect it and close up the resulting joints. If there is no material of a suitable width, then you need to take the one that is slightly wider than the room so that the cut edge lay under the skirting board and is invisible: it is difficult to cut it perfectly at home. Having brought the canvas home, you need to spread it around the room so that it straightens. Let linoleum lie down so for several days. Accustomed to air temperature in the apartment, it will be easier to fit. This coating can be placed on a wooden and concrete base. In the first case, you need to check the old floors for deflection, protruding parts from nails. The concrete base should not have cracks and chips. Thus, the surface needs to be leveled and smooth out in advance. Fasten linoleum should be on special glue, boostilate or mastic, smearing it on the flooring or on the canvas. It is fixed at the edges with a plinth. You can walk on such a floor immediately after the work is completed.