Balcony and room connection

Most apartments starting from the second floor have a balcony. This room can be used for different purposes. One of the options is the increase in the useful area of ​​the adjacent living room. The main task that needs to be solved to get a good effect is the insulation of the balcony.

This procedure should be carried out comprehensively. Only one measure in this case cannot be dispensed with. Start with glazing. Ordinary wooden frames for the balcony are not suitable. It is better to use plastic or aluminum windows. Although they will cost more, but it will be more reliable to serve. By the way, overalls in St. Petersburg are bought by many people now very much in demand.

After that, you can start insulation. It is performed using materials of small thickness so as not to select such a valuable space. It is enough to use polystyrene foam, the sheets of which have a thickness of only 5 cm. They can be glued directly to the surface of the floor, walls and ceiling.

When the wall separating the balcony and the room will be removed, go to decoration. Since the balcony should become a natural continuation of the dwelling, it must be covered with the same material that was used in the room. For heating the balcony zone, you can use infrared heaters.