Construction technologies in winter

Most people believe that with the advent of winter, all construction work stops, referring to a short daylight hours and the inability to carry out concrete work.

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But actually it is not. Of course, there are some difficulties in construction work in the cold season, but this does not mean that they cannot be implemented. Technologies do not stand still, and thanks to the new, it became possible to build even at minus temperature in the winter season. It is also worth noting that construction work in winter has their advantages, since at this time there is a decline in demand for construction work and therefore many construction companies offer good discounts, promotions and bonuses that allow you to save well.

This is another important plus in favor of construction work in winter. Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to dig a pit in frozen ground, it became possible thanks to the latest technology with which you can warm up the Earth. Concrete work is carried out using special anti -sea additives, allowing construction work at a temperature of up to 25 degrees. Concrete can be warmed up to 90 degrees. And put it in the formwork.