Own house – dream or reality?

Own house for many is a dream. But she and she is a dream in order to come true at one point. However, the construction of houses is a very serious matter, which requires certain knowledge. One thing is good, today there is no shortage of building materials. But here is what building materials it is better to choose what to build a house from, than to finish inside – this must be solved immediately.

Which is better: wooden house or brick? Both that and other materials have their advantages and their disadvantages. Let’s start with brick houses.

This material has many important advantages. First of all, it is the resistance of the material, the possibility of embodiment of various design solutions. Another plus – brick vapor permissive. This means that all excess moisture will not linger. The downside is weak heat production, however, this applies only to full brick. With the help of brick, construction will go more slowly, but fire safety will be higher.

A lot of people choose wood from wood today. The most important reason is the environmental cleanliness of the material. In addition, the tree has a pleasant aroma that can clean the air. In order for the air in the house to have a pleasant aroma and be clean, such breeds as cedar, pine, larch are used. The color of the tree is of considerable importance. Yellow and brown tones very favorably affect the emotional state of a person. Another plus is fast construction. The minus of the tree is that it has increased humidity. Therefore, during construction, it is important to consider this moment. Today, the tree is not considered the cheapest material.

Many people prefer to use blocks from cellular concrete for building a house. For the price, this material is not very expensive. This material can be of two types: these are foam concrete and gas mushrooms. Their difference is that the first species can acquire strength in natural conditions, but to increase the strength of the gas silicate, production conditions are necessary. As a result, the second option is stronger, but more expensive. Plus such blocks that they have thermal conductivity. This quality allows you not to apply measures for additional thermal insulation. In addition, the construction of such blocks will be carried out quickly. The main minus is the low strength of the material. In order to increase strength, reinforcing elements are used.