You can easily convert your bathroom or toilet if mounted there the river ceiling. In order to choose the material, there are a large number of options. If you take any other finish, then the rack ceiling has undeniable advantages. Well, let’s say it is simple in installation, he is not afraid of any leaks, and in any interior he will fit perfectly. But in free sale it is impossible to find it, but only to get to order.

The design of the river ceiling: intermediate profile, panels, corners made of suspensions (galvanized steel and aluminum) and load -bearing tires.

Before ordering the ceiling, you should accurately make measurements plus leave for a small stock. And if in the room where the installation will have more than four corners, then order an additional load -bearing tire for the kit.

Before installation, you need to decide at what distance you will lower it, and then make the markup. Want to install spotlights, add another 2-3 cm to the height, in another case 10-15 cm will be enough. Take the level and pencil, make on the wall an even horizontal line along the entire perimeter of the room. It is according to this marking that you will need to fix the end profiles. Every 40-50 cm in the wall it will be necessary to make holes with a perforator, and using self-tapping screws and dowels on wood, mount the profile. When suddenly there is a need to make holes in wall tiles, first, drill it with a drill along the tile, and then use the punch.

After that, start installing support tires. Usually they are quite long, in this case, cut off all the excess scissors for cutting metal so that they begin with a whole fastener. Then try on these elements to the end profiles and carefully leave cuts in the upper edges so that you have the opportunity to fill the supporting tires in the slot. In order not to complicate further installation, from the edge of the tire wall should be removed by 25-30 cm. Then fix them with suspensions to the ceiling. On the end profiles, the tire should not lie, but be slightly in a limbo.

Now, on the finished structure, fix the panels carved by scissors. This is a rather easy and simple way. The panel should be measured from the edge of the wall and the opposite side of the end of the end profile. Do not neglect this, choosing more length, so you can simply ruin the panel. Having cut off several intermediate panels and profiles, proceed to the installation. First, get the very first element of the edge into the groove of the end profile, and then the reverse movement by 1 centimeter into the opposite groove. After that the mount in the bearing tire is snap. An intermediate profile is inserted between the elements, and so on, according to one scheme. Do not fasten the last panel! Its cut edge should be tucked in the end profile (if cut) and then fix the intermediate profile. The resulting gap is seasoned with an intermediate profile.