Materials used in the insulation of the loggia


To warm the walls and ceiling of the loggia, a layer of insulation is used, which includes materials such as: mounting foam, foil and foamed polyethylene with one centimeter thick, as well as extruded polystyrene foam. Other materials are sometimes used, namely: foil tape, various dowels, screws and many others.

How the ceiling and walls of the loggia are insulated?

Real professionals know that the insulation of the loggia can be different and mainly depends on what degree of insulation the owner of the apartment wants to achieve. So, if he wants to use the loggia as a full-fledged room, for example, greenhouses, cabinet, mini-cinema, then it needs to be insulated qualitatively. Let’s look at some common materials used in the decoration of balconies and loggias.

Foam polystyrene

For this, a layer of thermal insulation material is used with a thickness of at least five centimeters. It is attached to the walls and ceiling with dowels, you can also use special glue or tape instead of them, sticky on both sides. To increase the sound – and thermal insulation of the material, all seams and joints must be sealed with mounting foam, which perfectly copes with this task.


To reflect thermal energy and increase vapor barrier on the loggia, its inner hay is laid by a foil layer, consisting of polyethylene with a thickness of up to one centimeter. Along the perimeter, thermal insulation material is furnished with a crate from a wooden bar. It must be treated with special compounds that protect it from decay, microorganisms and fungus. The finish is attached to the crate, while it can be any – a wooden or plastic lining, Euro -carrier, siding, etc. As a rule, people choose a plastic lining, which is practical, affordable in price, attractive and durable. In addition, the PVC lining is not afraid of high humidity, so it can be safely used to decorate the loggia. She also does not need to align the base, since it is installed on the crate.

Even before the installation of panels or other finishing material, you need to conduct electrical wiring, for example, in a corrugated pipe.

Insulation of the floor of the loggia

Different materials can be used to warm the floor in the loggia, however, the warm floor system is most popular today. Such a floor can be electric, water or IR. As a heating element, a system of polyethylene pipes is used in water heating floors, through which water circulates. It heats up from the boiler, and the automation system can adjust the air temperature. Electric warm floor works from electricity, and the floor heats up from the wire. This system will not only heat the floor of the loggia, but also the air in it.