Facial facade of the building with siding

The production technology of the siding panel allows this facing material to maintain color and its strength characteristics for a long time. The quality of the castles provides the strength of the facade structure in terms of resistance to strong gusts of wind and prevent the fluid flow in the cladding in the case of, for example, oblique rain.

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It is not difficult to mount siding, but to comply with your own safety, for example, when carrying out work at a dangerous height, it is better to attract an assistant for these purposes.

The panels are joined with each other by fastening into the locks, the panel is attached to the wall with screws or self -tapping screws, depending on what material the crate is made of. When installing the panels, some mobility of the structure in the horizontal direction should be observed due to the fact that the siding panel can be subjected to some deformation and expansion when heated or temperature difference in the cold season.

The interval between fasteners should be no more than 40 centimeters, after clicking the locks of the panel, it is not recommended to delay. Following the installation instructions and recommendations for facing the surface of siding panels, you will carry out installation in a short time and provide a decent appearance of the facade.