Noise insulation of premises in the apartment

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Scientific and technological progress, walking with seven-mini steps, does not allow to hide from noise even at home. The nearby highways, railway tracks, airport, and so on are delivered special discomfort. Long -term impact of noise negatively affects the psychological state of the personality. Therefore, to maintain its health and psyche, it is necessary to take measures. And these measures are called – sound insulation.

Sound insulation is used to create the resistance of the building structure to the noise.

There are two types of noises:

1. Air noise, that is, one that is heard in the surrounding space.

2. Hull noise that is distributed by coating.

The first type of noise is isolated more easily than shock (body). Often thermal insulation completely protects against air noise.

Hull noise is much more difficult to eradicate. To prevent even at the construction stage using a floating screed and soft springy flooring, the possible appearance of noise is eradicated. Also, using the installation of fibrous plates between concrete blocks, hull noise is significantly reduced. High -quality noise insulation of the apartment can only be carried out using high -quality thermal insulation materials. In addition, if you are not sure that you can do all the work correctly and competently, then you should seek help from professionals.

The best option would be to make all the walls in the apartment (house) with noise -absorbing. In this case, external sounds will be inaudible indoors, and home noises will be almost inaudible. This kind of sound insulation is achieved by installing multi -layer walls, between which there is an air gap. Commercials are called walls that have only one layer, or which are close.

Good sound insulation of single -layer walls is achieved by applying plaster. Due to such a coating, the walls become thicker and less pass the noise. And, nevertheless, the multi -layer of the wall will better protect you from noise. In addition, the weight of the structure will be smaller, and as a result, less pressure is carried out on the supporting structure, which is no less important.

Hollow building materials (slag block, hollow brick) also provide noise insulation. If a wall made of drywall or other light material, then you can not do without additional sound insulation (high -quality mineral wool or foam can be used). It is very important not to leave a lot of space between the walls, and if it is still there, then it must be filled with noise -respondent material. Filling voids between the walls, you get rid of longitudinal noise.