Frame construction of residential buildings

The frame type of buildings is widespread in the construction of technical and industrial buildings, where it showed obvious advantages over materials considered traditional. Today, the obvious advantages of frame buildings are in a hurry to use private developers.

Such buildings are not subjected to shrinkage and do not require additional processing, unlike wooden buildings. Compared to brick houses, frame buildings do not need a thorough and expensive foundation. Even multi -storey buildings can be built on soft soil.

The speed of building houses makes their acquisition more and more in demand. Simplicity of the design allows you to assemble buildings yourself. The finishing work of frame houses differs in a wide variety of materials used.

To build a new house, you can order an individual project of a suburban cottage or work on a standard offer. High -tech finishing materials allow you to make frame houses warm, durable, opposing negative weather phenomena. The construction of such buildings in seismic zones is especially practical. After natural destruction, frame houses can be restored very quickly.