How to choose commercial real estate

The concept of commercial real estate is different from the residential version, since this type of building is used exclusively for activities that can bring income. To some extent, apartments adapted for living and rented out can also be called a commercial premises. In principle, any room from which the profit is obtained has the right to be called commercial. Thus, hotels near the exhibition center Crocus Expo, for example, are real commercial real estate, because the activity carried out with their help brings the owner a certain and, importantly, stable income.

The choice of real estate for the implementation of activities largely depends on which direction you want to choose. Any income activity requires certain conditions. For example, if we are talking about opening your own store, we advise you to pay attention to the location of the purchased building. Agree, even food trade is unlikely to be popular in a not too populated place. The same can be said about the hotel business. The hotel open on the outskirts of the city is unlikely to have such popularity as hotels have near the Olympic sports complex. The exception is those guest houses that are located in the resort area. In this case, the location of the hotel will be important, but far from primary, since in the season even hotels on the outskirts of the resort will be popular among tourists planning to relax in this place.

When planning activities related to commerce and requiring the presence of a certain building for its implementation, be sure to study the place where this building will be located. First of all, pay attention to whether there is a number of organizations of the same orientation. It is unlikely that a medical center located in the thick of its own kind will be popular. The hotel will not withstand competition if you want to place it where hotels are located next to the Kv-Kw-KVA Park water park. Of course, in skillful hands, activity will withstand any competition. But it will be much more pleasant and interesting to conquer the “new horizons”, for example, new areas that have just begun to be mastered. In this case, the type of activity will not be particularly important at all. The main will be the choice of a really popular area.