How to choose the right entrance and interior doors

Modern entrance doors are made from different types of steel. This is explained by the increased strength of this material, its ease in processing and good refractory properties. But steel products are prone to corrosion (except stainless steel). The latest technologies allow us to eliminate this using galvanic coatings of the steel surface or their coloring with epoxy and powder colors. The entrance doors are also made of aluminum, polyvinyl chloride, but they are inferior to steel in strength. When choosing a strong door, you need to pay attention to the locks. At the door there should be at least 2 locks with increased protection for forced opening. She should also have an autonomous valve that does not open outside. The main materials from which interior doors are produced are wood, glass, metal, plastic. Wooden interior doors are made of beech, red tree, oak. The most technological and cheap material is pine. By design, wooden doors can be frame or shield, according to technology – from a whole array, filled or mixed. Plastic doors are the cheapest, but if they are finished with laminate, they will be more safe in fire than wooden. But such doors are not very durable and durable. These properties are higher in the door of fiberglass, characterized by good noise insulation. Glass doors are very popular because of their beauty. When choosing doors, it is also necessary to remember that they should emphasize the overall design of the room and give additional beauty elements.