The qualities of wooden windows

The phrase “wooden window” in most of us provokes associations with a poor -quality design, used before the creation of plastic windows. However, I must say that with the help of modern technologies, a wooden window loses all its shortcomings that its ancestors from this material had.

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Its operational characteristics make it possible to apply these windows in the construction area. The use of various additives used together with polyvinyl chloride gives plastic windows a beautiful external outline, extend the operating time of this window, improve many properties of the main material.

Below we will try to list some characteristics of modern wooden windows. Firstly, a fairly important property of the main material, which is currently in the first place. This is the environmental purity of wood. Wood – natural material that perfectly combines a sophisticated look and perfect purity. According to the aesthetic characteristics, the tree greatly ahead of PVC.

Secondly, with the help of its internal structure, the wood has an amazing sound – and thermal insulation qualities. It contains a lot of air that prevents the freezing of the window and serves as an obstacle for unnecessary noise.

Thirdly, an overly strong design of this window is obtained by using modern wood technologies. This design is very geometrically stable, and its operation time is quite large.

However, without professional processing, even the best wood is not able to withstand mold and insect-foster, which is why most buyers give their preference to PVC.