Scope of plywood in construction

If you want to enter the SRO, then you need to find out everything about construction. In this article we will tell you about the plywood. Plywood – structural material, most often used in construction as decorative material. The material has stable physical and mechanical characteristics, increased moisture resistance, beautiful color. The advantage of the material is firmness, it is it that makes it possible to use plywood for chattles for roofing material. Due to the evenness and smoothness of plywood, the roofing material perfectly adjacent to the surface.

The strength of plywood makes it possible to use it to perform partitions in offices, private houses, the material is subject to decoration and works as an independent decor for the room. Birch plywood gives a beautiful shade and a strong established texture. The simplicity and ease of installation in compressed lines allows you to build out farms from plywood, warehouse buildings. In the private sector, these are mainly not heated rooms, for storing firewood, temporary garages.

Combining with other materials allows you to use plywood to arrange landscape design, namely to decorate arbors, perform trellises, arches, and construction of attic. For walls and floor trim, they use plywood plywood of their conifers of wood. Thanks to an attractive appearance, it is strong enough, resistant to humidity, thanks to the introduction of protective components into its composition.