250 million rubles were mastered for overhaul housing in Dolgoprudny near Moscow.

250 million rubles were spent in Dolgoprudny (Moscow Region). for a capital renewal of the housing fund as part of the implementation of the Federal Law “On the Fund for Assistance to Reform Housing and Public Utilities”.

During the execution of the program, high -rise buildings on the Likhachevskoye Shosse, Prospekt Patsayev, Zavodskaya Street were transformed. In thirty houses, internal engineering systems were replaced, in thirteen they repaired the roof, in three – the facades were repaired. At many addresses, several types of work have been completed at once.

Not only within the framework of the Federal Law, is overhaul in a long -term housing fund. At the expense of funds collected as part of the apartment fee, according to the plan for the autumn-winter period, in thirteen houses of the city, the roof was capitalized, in seventeen stairwells, in nineteen-they repaired the blind area.

The repair carried out pleases not only the inhabitants of the houses themselves, but also all Dolgopruden residents, because he transforms the streets and courtyards of the city. And the capital renewal of the housing stock will bring significant savings in utility bills: the “treated” engineering systems will exclude leaks, and the facades dressed with a special “fur coat” will save the heat of the housing.