How to determine the quality of metal -plastic pipes?


Metal -plastic pipes are most popular and in demand in the world. They can be used for cold and hot water supply, sewage, transportation of various substances. The natural desire of any person will buy high -quality metal -plastic pipes. The fact is that their cost is not so low that we can afford to buy such pipes annually. In addition, it is very often even more expensive to install pipes than their cost. That is why when choosing pipes, it is necessary to independently determine their quality and do not doubt it.

First of all, GOST pipes must meet the requirements that meet the legislation. That is, when buying metal -plastic pipes, ask the seller to submit documents confirming the quality of products. So, these products must meet not only the requirements of GOST, but also that. You can check the quality of metal -plastic pipes in other ways that we will consider in our article.

As you know, this type of pipes consists of five layers. Two of them are invisible, as they are an adhesive, in the other three layers are visible. First of all, look at the transverse cut of the pipe. Since only three layers will be visible in it, pay attention to whether they have the same thickness. If so, then this is very good, then the manufacturer adhered to the technology for the production of these products. After that, you need to determine the flexibility of the pipe. For a radial radiator system, hot or cold water supply, you can use a hard metal -plastic pipe, softer is suitable for installing a warm floor. If when installing the “warm floor” system you choose hard pipes, then you get tired of bending them several dozen times.

The best way to determine the quality of metal -plastic pipes

To do this, you will need a sharp knife and a piece of the pipe that you plan to purchase. Take a piece in your hands and make an incision on it from the end. After that, make another transverse incision from the end of the incision. With the help of a knife, cut the layer from each other by the neckline. Take the pliers and press one layer of material, then try to tear it. If the pipe is of high quality, then this layer will break, if low quality, the layers will immediately exfoliate. Pay attention to the pipe bay. It should be whole, without defects and dents.

Now you know how to determine the quality of a metal -plastic pipe. We wish you good luck and success!