How to design a cafe interior design?

There is a ability to cook deliciously and I want to open your own business. And specifically a cafe. But what is the design of the interior of cafes and restaurants to make your institution? After all, the design is the first that visitors see. And it is the first opinion of people depends on him.

It became very fashionable in a cafe of any size to make wood design. Inside, you can make everything from wood. Starting from the floor, the walls can be made with a wooden thread. Put wooden tables. But also original. Large tables to be placed on the hall, and tables for two in quieter corners. Bar stand whole of pieces of wood. It will be more comfortable if the bar is not the usual look behind the bar, alcohol. And home conservation. Instead of chandeliers, you can hang paper lights that emphasize this style.

Modern style in the cafe will also look cool. For example, put some figure columns in the hall. And around the tables, but unusual. And also original. You can even make tables to order, of your own free will, curved shape. You can glass. The sofas near the tables will look more appropriate here. And armchairs with a transparent back. In such an institution, color should be bright. A lot of light. And mirror, curly ceiling with lamps inside. Thus, the illusion of light will be created. Large windows with backlight will also be appropriate.

In a large room you can experiment. For example, make the entire hall in two colors, purple and white. The color of the walls and ceiling make purple one color. And put white, leather sofas and white tables with purple elements. Between each recreation area, put a partition. For more comfort guests. So that it does not seem too dull, hang a lamp near each table, from which, when you turn on the wall, butterflies will go to the ceiling.

When choosing the design of the interior of cafes and restaurants, remember that for such institutions it is very large. And everyone will make his own establishment by their own taste. So that his guests are comfortable and comfortable.