Repair in the nursery for a boy

Sea plot or children’s for a real man

Sea room – children’s for a boy

If you have a children’s room in your apartment, and a boy is growing up in the family, you need to think about repairs in the nursery. There are a lot of options, but do not forget that parents form the nature and worldview of the future man from an early age.

The spiritual world of a teenager is films, games, cartoons, books. Most often these are fantasy and adventure.

Multifunctionality of the children’s room

The environment of the child is a large role in the formation of the child’s worldview. It is very good if parents have the opportunity to provide a separate room for their child, but unfortunately, they often do not know how to equip it. Let’s look at one of the options, the sea room.

The concept of this room is not limited to sea theme. Such a design solution will create an image of the boundless capabilities of a person. Here a child can feel like a pirate, a hero from the Odyssey Captain Blade and even Harry Potter.

The map of the continent or peace will immerse the child in the knowledge of the eras of the great resettlement, great geographical discoveries, and campaigns of Alexander. Such an innocent transition from the game to cognition will gradually develop inquisitiveness in the child.

If the baby suddenly grows, he will certainly cheer up the gentle clouds, the sun and shoots of grass.

A convenient table will allow you to arrange not only a computer, but also many notebooks and textbooks. The sports corner will perfectly serve in its purpose, moreover, it is zoning the room and a place to sleep. The room has a roomy wardrobe, and the bed is surrounded by shelves in which it is convenient to place the toys and clothes of the child.

The noise will make a perfectly and protect the child from injuries during games, a floor covered with a traffic jam and carpet.

The lighting is spaced quite functionally, a place for study, a place for relaxation and games, as well as full lighting of the room is separately covered. The Bed Plaphon is also provided.

It should be emphasized that such a large subject content implies a room with a size of more than 16 m. sq., which is not suitable for all apartments.

Unfortunately, there is a negative side, it is a blue abundance in the design. Blue color soothes, reduces tension and blood pressure. However, from prolonged perception of blue appears fatigue and oppression. Therefore, such a design is individual.

Summing up, we can say that the designer showed an excellent option for designing a children’s, but the color scheme leaves much to be desired. Such a design would suit a teenager more than a five -year -old baby.