How to fix a flowing tap crane in the bathroom and in the kitchen

To fix the crane in the kitchen, it is not at all required to call the plumbing of the TOU. Despite the fact that there are currently many designs of water taps in everyday life, each of them can be fixed independently without much effort. Only you should know the features of their designs – where and what to unscrew. In addition, you need to know where the water is blocked so that during the repair of the crane do not flood the apartment. All the modern variety of cranes used can be combined into four groups: ball, disk, clamping and coupl.

Structurally ball of water taps are made in the form of a round flange with one lever that turns to the right – left and up – down. Under the flange there is a dome -shaped lid, and the handle is attached to the crane body with a landing screw. Water is overlapped with a metal or plastic ball (hence the name – ball crane). The simplest repair of the crane consists in adjusting a special ring located under the handle. Before fixing the tap, remove the handle and tighten the ring.

Then, after installing the handle, check the tap in place. If the course is not eliminated, you should disassemble the crane to replace the failed parts. To do this, we turn the lid with pliers and disassemble the tap. We take out a car and a sealing spring, and then a rotating ball. Using a screwdriver, we take out the valve saddle and springs. Then we remove the upper husak, twisting it around the axis. Change the spoiled detail and remove the crane in the reverse order.

To fix the leaking pressure tap, it is necessary to disassemble the crane by removing the handles, and then the reinforcing cap. We unscrew the sleeve with a rod. As a rule, there is a leak due to wiping the gasket of the rod. Change the gasket, lubricate the heat -resistant grease of the stem and collect the tap. The repair of the crane with the cartridge is actually in the replacement of the cartridge itself.

To repair a disk -type water tap or a crane with a cartridge (as it is also called), the index capture should be removed. Then we turn the screw hidden under the cap and remove the crane handle. After that, turn the installation screw and remove the handle insert. Remove and remove the case cover. Then we remove the cartridge, having previously turned the corresponding fasteners. We change the cartridge and collect the crane in the reverse order.

To fix the crane in a coupling bath, we remove the index capacity and turn the screw. After that, raise the lever and remove the crane handle. Then, with pliers, remove the fixing nut from the crane housing. We remove the cartridge lock in the form of a flat bracket and take out the cartridge. After changing the cartridge, install the lock and tighten the screw. Gusak should also be pulled off and replace the sealing rings.

Along with these cranes, the valve taps of the old structure are also used quite often. As a rule, a leak of such a crane happens due to wear of the valve laying. To replace the gasket, unscrew the valve head. For this you will need a divorce key. Then we change the gasket and screw the head to place.