How to organize a workplace of a carpenter

To organize a workplace in a living room, you need a certain place, special equipment and the best machine for cutting reinforcement. When performing carpentry, you can not do without a workbench, which is a table with special devices to consolidate the material and its processing. Such a table should be equipped with a cabinet for storing tools. If there is enough free space, the workbench can be attached to the wall on the brackets. To equip a layout board, you need to have a board, the length of which is 1200mm, width is 200 mm, and the thickness of at least 40 mm.

The workbenching board needs to be thoroughly dried and put out. On this board, the devices necessary for attaching blanks and parts necessary for carpentry processing are located. It must be remembered that the workbench should always decorate the workplace, whatever it may be. After all, the workbench is not just a hammer removed after working in a box. The location of the workbag is always in a prominent place, so it can be attributed to the item of furniture.

The place of work of the carpenter should always be comfortable, and, in addition, well -lit. And the entire set of tools should be in the place. For example, for a hacksaw, pencil, hammer, an awl, a place should be provided on the right, since they are taken with the right hand. And for storage of a square, screws, chisels and a bar, the left side is intended.

In order to extend the life of the workbench, it is necessary to carry out proper care behind him. The cover should be saturated with an Oliphi. In addition, rubbing wooden screws is required when using dry soap, paraffin or graphite. And metal screws need to be lubricated with oil. In order to avoid the overload of the screws, a strong clamping of materials is prohibited.

At the end of the work, the chips are removed with a brush.