How to prevent wooden windows

We all understand that it is necessary to take care of the windows. Women earlier if we recall did prevention once a year, and who is 2 times a year, in such ways to wash the windows with water and wiped them to a shine with a rag or newspaper so that there are no divorces, and overly updated the windows of the window frame. There are such people who do not have funds for the purchase and installation of high -quality and good windows, such as are now considered the best and profitable, these are double -glazed windows.

Everyone knows that wood, such as oak, spruce, lining from Angarsk pine, are considered the best material for work in construction. But wood requires special attention and courtship, while all the rules and existing norms must be observed. Windows made of wood are constantly exposed to severe radiation of the sun, also rain and drying out.

What we mean by prevention, this is of course leaving and a thorough check of windows and its elements. To do this, you do not need to use detergents for windows, they are very harmful in prevention for wooden windows. The most effective means, as many people say, is still washing with simple water, it will not harm your windows. If the design of window coatings is damaged, it must be painted with special varnish and paint, which can be purchased in specialized stores. As we know, the prevention of wooden windows is not considered difficult work, and it must be strictly carried out at least once a year and check all the elements. So as not to make unnecessary costs in the future, on the installations of window blocks.