How to remove alpine on brick

The so -called vegetation, t. e. Face is a white plaque of white color, which appears on the surface of the facial masonry. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. First of all, this can happen due to external influences, t. e. As a result of the influence of atmospheric precipitation and, therefore, the high water content in the materials and their additional moisture. Also, the conditions of the temperature and humidity are affected by the formation of heights, due to slow and prolonged evaporation from moisture on the structural surface. A decrease in air temperature can also affect this, as a result of which crystallogrates form.

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In addition to external reasons, sulfuries can occur on bricks due to violations in the material itself. For example, if the technology for the production of facing bricks is disturbed during plastic molding when dried with atmospheric air after firing. In the case when lime masonry solutions, mixtures from cement and sand, as well as electrolyte additives are used in the masonry, the focus may also begin.

From practical experiments, it can be noted that most often in a brick, which is in the open air in stacks and is subjected to atmospheric effects, there are no heights on the surface, however, in case of heights on the brick in the masonry, this is due to the fact that Soluble compounds from the composition of the masonry solutions fall into the brick. In order to get rid of high -rise, the use of water and brushes is ineffective. Because when the water penetrates the wall, the next portion of salt comes to the surface with it.

And when using brushes, especially metal ones, the surface of the material is destroyed. Atmospheric effects and aggressive technological emissions contributes to the transformation of soluble salts into insoluble. Such compounds are removed only using special compositions. In order to avoid the emergence of highs, it is required to exclude the possibility of leaching of salts from wall material. In this case, hydrophobization can help – the treatment of a purified wall surface when using a special composition, which helps to give building materials water -repellent properties.