How to repair in a small apartment

Many owners of small apartments are not satisfied with the small space of their dwelling. Although there are certain advantages in such apartments. For example, cleaning in a small apartment will be much faster than in a large.

Also, the repair of small apartments will be much cheaper than large. If you correctly carry out repairs in such an apartment, then its space can be visually increased. Several methods of repair in a small apartment:

1) You can not use dark colors. It is better to equip the apartment in the same color, bedding will look good.

2) the interior should include as many mirrors and gloss as possible. For example, wardrobes must be installed with mirror doors, furniture can also be selected with a reflective surface. The ceiling can be mounted stretch, the choice of which has a variety of color scheme. Lighting in a small apartment is also very important, as it creates any suitable atmosphere.

3) Furniture in small apartments is usually executed by order. This allows you to harmoniously distribute it and save space. From furniture you need to exclude hinged shelves and children’s chests of drawers. Instead, you can purchase a high bed in which there will be a niche for things from below.

Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a large living space, so the arrangement of a small apartment must be done competently.