Varieties of water pipes

At some period, there is a need to carry out repair work in the bathroom. And here the obvious question arises – which is best to choose water pipes for water supply of buildings.

The most popular are steel pipes that are equally perfect for hot, as well as for cold water. The downside of this choice is that steel pipes will be much faster to corrosion. And when to take into account the price of gas welding, the installation of these pipes can result in a large amount.

Since some times, plastic pipes that are made of PVC or polypropylene began to be in good demand. For hot water, metal -plastic pipes are used, inside of which there is a base pipe made of stitched polyethylene, which is closed with strong metallized foil.

This type of pipes has the ability to very simply withstand hot water pressure up to 25 atm., And due to this, these pipes remain popular for use in the heating system. In addition, plastic pipes are also characterized by the fact that they are quite easy to repair, using a specialized soldering iron for such purposes. He can easily fit in a small suitcase. The negative quality of such a choice can be too chlorinated water, which is in our heating system.

Naturally, copper pipes are the leader among water pipes, which managed to prove themselves from the best side.

Copper pipes are characterized by special plasticity, they have positive bactericidal properties and unique high corrosion stability. And when strong temperature changes occur, they withstand them without any problems.

The choice of pipes is very important, and it must be done at the very beginning of construction or repair.