Is it worth installing plastic windows instead of wooden?

Repair the old wooden window or put a new plastic? Many people ask this question. Repair the old window from wood, of course cheaper than buying and installing a plastic one, but funds will also go on annual tinting and insulation too. The plastic window does not need painting, insulation, caring for it simple and fast. So what should you choose?

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Wooden windows are drying over time, forming the cracks, through these cracks, in turn, drafts fall into the house. The color fades, and with annual tinting, hillocks are formed on the frame and the paint must be cleaned with a spatula in order to paint, anew. Wooden windows should often be washed, from dust. Warm every year for the winter, seal with paper or other devices, and wash it from the windows in the spring.

Plastic windows are reliable, have tightness, good sound insulation, it is convenient to use them. PVC are beautiful in appearance, have two types of ventilation, summer and winter. Plastic windows can last forty years!

By comparing all the advantages and disadvantages of wooden and plastic windows, you can see the quality and convenience of PVC windows and make a choice in their favor. They are not cheap, but for a good and high -quality frame that will last for many years, you can spend.