Laying of sewage and water supply

In the past few years, the poor state of engineering systems in large cities of Russia has been discussing louder. The impulses of ceramic, internal and external steel pipelines were laid back in Soviet times. Today they are an ordinary phenomenon that appeals gloating among third -party observers, as well as the anger of people who cannot use water. In our article we will talk about plastic pipes, which are today one of the most popular and demanded in the world.

Currently, many companies offer to buy water -boiled pipes, Sinstroy is one of them. For many years, she has been selling high -quality pipes used to lay hot and cold water supply pipelines. Sale of water -tape polyethylene pipes is one of the main specializations of the company Sinstroy. This is due to the fact that these pipes have a wide area of ​​application, that is, there is always a demand for them.

Polyethylene pipes are used for laying sewage and water supply, electric and telephone cables, gas distribution systems, etc. Laying a polyethylene water supply can be carried out in two ways – tactrand and open.

What are the advantages of polyethylene pipes?

– resistance to adverse environmental influences;

– a long service life, which is more than 50 years;

– relatively low price;

– reliability of sewage and water supply networks, for the laying of which plastic pipes were used using electric shock and butt welding;

– relatively small weight, which significantly facilitates loading and unloading work;

– Polyethylene pipes are more resistant to gap;

All these advantages have influenced the increase in demand and greater popularity of plastic pipes that have a large sphere of application.

The cost of laying the water supply using polyethylene pipes

This cost is calculated specifically for a particular object. It depends on:

– soil categories;

– quantities and complexity of installation nodes;

– diameter and length of the pipeline;

– the availability of electricity;

– distances to the object.

After the specialist considers the design documentation, he will be able to name the exact cost of work on laying the water supply system.