Lining linoleum Useful advice to women

Before you start laying linoleum, you need to free all the rooms from the furniture, the floor should be completely free. After that, you need to remove all the old skirting boards, most likely you will also change them. If you are going to restore them, you need to remove it very carefully so as not to damage. After that, you need to examine the old linoleum, if there are no special mechanical damage on it, then the new coating can be put on the old one – the room will be warmer and walking on the floor is softer. After that, you need to measure the room to determine how to lay linoleum, draw a plan, apply the results to the plan, add all the places of heating pipes, doorways.

When buying linoleum, calculations by its number can be made according to this plan. It is necessary to purchase linoleum coating in specialized stores, then you will avoid the risk of being deceived. In addition, in such stores, sellers and managers will gladly advise you which material will be better to choose and check your calculations. When choosing linoleum coating, be sure to pay attention to the width of the roll. The most common are the size of 2.5, 3.5 and 4.0 meters. By making cutting on paper, you will see how to lay linoleum, which width suits you the most to do without internal seams, it is quite possible that you will be able to lay one piece (depending on the width of the room).

Starting to lay linoleum, you need to wash and dry the lower coating properly, and then spread the linoleum on the floor and cut off the edges at the edges. If you are still forced to lay the coating in pieces, then they must also be laid out in their future places. The coating must be left for several days to “lay down”, it will straighten and stop sliding around the edges. Straightening, it can increase a little more, then it is cut one more time. Keep in mind that there should be a gap between the walls and edges of the coating, about 10 millimeters, you will then hide it with a skirting board. Когда линолеум отлежится, у него будет возможность занять это пространство по периметру, и он не упрётся в стенки, а значит, не пойдёт волнами. The same will not happen after strengthening the skirting boards. As soon as linoleum straightens completely, you can continue to work further.

And here, again the question arises of how to lay linoleum, on glue or not. If your room is small (not more than 20 square meters), and you will put the coating with a whole piece, then you can not use glue, skirting boards will be reliable to hold the coating. In extreme cases, if you doubt the density of the styling, then glue can be smeared in some places, for example, at the threshold and in the center. But, if the room exceeds 20 square meters, or you put the coating with several pieces, then you can not do without glue. Glues in stores are presented in large quantities today, there is no particular difference between them. In order to glue linoleum, you need to roll it into a roll. It is convenient to spread glue with a special comb. It should be spread in small areas, gradually rolling a roll and carefully pressing the smeared part to the base. We spread the glue in small portions so that it does not have time to dry. The seams can be found with cold welding. The last step is set and fix the skirting boards.

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