Glass mosaic in the interior of the house

Various rooms were decorated with glass mosaics, from the cathedrals to the Royal, the last few thousand years. But only now, this type of decor has gained popularity among wide consumer masses. Previously, there was simply no sufficient number of masters who could take up the decoration of the house with a mosaic. However, with the development of progress, various technologies have appeared that can create a ready -made composition, and firmly fix it on a quality basis. But if you want to get a unique pattern, or drawing, you can contact professionals -artists who will collect the canvas for your requirements. Or if you have sufficient perseverance and patience, collect the mosaic yourself.

The most important advantage of mosaics is its versatility. Compositions made of colored glass pebbles look great in a wide variety of rooms and is suitable for absolutely any type of interior. The thing is that on the mosaic canvas you can recreate any carotene. This can be an abstraction that harmoniously complements the individuality of the office space or the restaurant and the kitchen, or the antique lining for the bathroom. Also, a glass mosaic can represent a bright, cheerful picture in a children’s room for girls, or a fantastic landscape in a boy’s room. And the mosaic reproduction of a well -known canvas, or a unique pattern developed specifically for the interior of the rooms and design the house will emphasize the style of the living room or sleeping. The universality of the mosaic lies in that, but it can be applied to completely any type of solid surface. It is not necessary to dwell on a rectangular form of composition. You can diversify the geometry of the rooms round, oval, crooked or other forms of the canvas, for which there will be enough mistress’s imagination.

In addition to universality, glass mosaic has excellent strength and wear resistance. The strength is achieved due to the smalt – durable opaque glass, the particles of which are added to the mosaic. In addition, it is thanks to smalt that your mosaic can be made in a million diversity of all kinds of colors and shades. And the enhanced moisture resistance of the mosaic allows it to be used in rooms with a high degree of humidity and temperature, such as the bathroom, or bathhouse. In addition, if by accident due to mechanical exposure, part of the glass mosaic was damaged – there is no need to change the canvas completely, it is enough to replace the broken chips with new ones, which is much more economical. And to care for this kaleidoscope of glass pebbles is very easy with the help of a wet rag alone.