A canopy for a car in a suburban area

Provided to go to a country house only on weekends, the decision to cost a canopy, not a garage, quite justified. The canopy will perfectly protect the car from precipitation, provide air circulation, preserving it from rust better than a closed garage.

The canopy should organically fit into the space of the court of the house, not get out of the general stylish picture of the residential building, and not spoil the entire landscape composition with a view.

During the construction of the canopy, the materials are selected, given the place of its future location:

– When choosing the location of the canopy at the entrance to the house, materials from which the gate were built are used, forged parts are used if the gate is made of metal;

– a canopy can have the form of a gazebo using it and for this purpose. Then it is made of wood. The material is pre -impregnated with special moisture -resistant means. In such a canopy, decorative details in the form of gratings and supports for curly garden plants are appropriate;

– For the harmony of perception, a canopy in the end of a residential building should be built from the same material as the main structure. Roofs of the house, verandas and canopies, it is advisable to make from one roofing material.

– To achieve the effect of non -grain of the courtyard, often canopies for the car are made with a transparent roof of polycarbonate. Roof tilt is designed at an angle of 25-30 degrees and provided by the drainage system. Freely drainage of atmospheric precipitation is achieved, in t. h. melting snow. The structure itself takes on the type of lightness and airiness.

– If the house is two -story and has a terrace on the second floor, it is appropriate to use a place under it for a canopy device even for several cars. Then you should take care of the support that would ensure the reliability and stability of the supporting structure.

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