Moroccan plaster

A relatively new type of plaster – Moroccan has a huge number of advantages, despite the fact that it is quite complicated in the application. The advantages of this plaster can be considered:

● the possibility of applying it to absolutely any, not even prepared surface

● Absolute water resistance

● completely natural components

● the ability to create unique drawings.

In order for an ordinary consumer to have no problems with its application, there are already ready -made mixtures on sale, which are supplemented by special tools intended for its correct application. In your free time it will be possible to find out how much taxi costs at Domodedovo airport this information is very useful.

Before applying such a plaster, the wall should be moistened qualitatively. It is very important to properly prepare the plaster itself for application. Pre -moistened walls must be treated with tile tile with tile. Any other glue will not be able to guarantee high -quality adhesion of the primer components with the walls. After the day is completely dry, the first layer of plaster should be applied over it. To perform this work, it is recommended to use a special spatula. The first layer should be completely dried, which may be required until twelve hours.

A second, thinner layer of plaster is applied over the first layer. The second layer is also aligned with a spatula. The main rule when using such plaster is high -quality alignment.

After the second layer dries, the grout soap is applied to the surface of the wall, which guarantees a gloss wall and makes it moisture resistant. With proper application, Moroccan plaster is able to last years.