Modern finishing materials

Finishing and repair

The facade of the building is the first thing everyone pays attention to. Very often, the first impressions of the owner of the building are formed precisely on the basis of how professionally and efficiently the facade is finished.

The choice of modern finishing materials is very large. In this article we will get acquainted with the most popular of them.

Natural finishing materials (granite, marble, etc.) probably never go out of fashion. True, there is one but: the cost of natural materials remains very high. If you do not have large cash, think about the acquisition of cheaper, but no less high -quality finishing materials.

Very practical, reliable and long -term material, widely used for decoration of facades, is siding. It is very easy to carry out work on laying siding, which means that you can spend a much smaller amount not only on the purchase of the material, but also on the payment of labor of those who will carry out finishing work. In aluminum, wooden and plastic bands of siding, special openings are provided for fastening. At the joints of the stripes there are special grooves with which they are interconnected.

If you want to choose a universal finishing material, pay attention to the ceramic clinker. A large selection of clinker tiles can be found on the Katalog website. With the help of a ceramic clinker, you can clad not only the outer facade of the building, but also lay out the terrace, steps, paths. A special technology for the production of ceramic clinker makes this material resistant to both low and high temperatures.

A few words should be said about the advantages of ventilated facades and composite panels. The use of such modern materials accelerates the work on the decoration of the facade, and also makes it possible to create original architectural solutions. In addition, the use of composite panels and ventilated facades leads to an increase in soundproofing, and also reduces humidity in the room.

The main criterion that you should be guided by when choosing a finish is the high quality of materials.