How to buy an energy -saving lamp

Any room – an apartment or office – looks modern and attractive thanks to a harmonious combination of interior elements, furniture and light. The significance of the latter factor was recently recognized, but only lighting is able to place the accents of the interior correctly. The use of general lighting lighting devices and spotlights is the perfect choice for any room.

Among the advantages of LED lamps, low power current, vibration resistance, lack of flickering, lack of service, environmental safety, high efficiency of using light flow, and a long service life can be distinguished.

However, so far LED lamps are not a popular product in the market due to the high cost. It should be noted that the high payback period of high -quality LED lamp indicates the effectiveness of using this lighting technique.

To buy a street LED lamp from the manufacturer, you should pay attention to such a characteristic as light output. Lighting largely depends on power, that is, the higher the power, the greater the light of the LED lamp has.

Of no small importance when choosing lighting equipment on diodes is the country manufacturer. The products of Germany, the USA, Japan and South Korea are more popular in the market. You should also highlight good quality and assortment of LED lamps of Taiwan and Chinese manufacturers. Lighting equipment needs to be compared not only in terms of light receipt and price, but also according to the operating mode of the LED, service life and manufacturer.

A distinctive feature of equipment that works on light -emitting diodes is a long service life. Compared to other artificial lighting devices, it is the longest. Typically, manufacturers guarantee continuous operation of LED lamps for 100,000 hours, while the maximum warranty period is 5 years. If the load on lighting equipment is small, for example, the use of the lamp at home, then the service life can be more than 20 years.