Townhouse layout

The planning scheme needs to be paid special attention. It will not take much time to draw up a scheme, you can realize all your designs. Since usually the area of ​​Townhaus is much more than residential apartments.

You need to understand that the refined look and unusualness should not affect the functionality of this room. Whatever the project, before implementing it must have such qualities as functionality, comfort and ergonomicity. When planning the schemes of the secrets, designers use ideas that do not quite correspond to the efficiency and functionality of the rooms. So everything will depend on you.

First you need to remember several rules when planning. Kitchen, garage, laundry, dining room and living room should be located on the ground floor. We will collect everything on one floor for housework. We make a staircase in the lobby neat and elegant. But if you want to impress your guests, then you need to make it massive and luxurious, which will be the main decoration of your interior. It all depends on the imagination and your ideas.

Housing rooms (bedrooms), it is best to place on the second floor. This will avoid the noise of guests and smells from the kitchen. And give some solitude and detachment.