Pros of roofs from tiles

As soon as people learned to burn pots, roofs appeared, covered with tiles. And most amazing, after centuries this material has not lost its popularity! Moreover, in the twentieth century, fundamentally similar material appeared-cement-sand tiles. The difference between ceramic and cement-sand tiles is already noticeable from the name of both. If the first is made of clay, then the second is from cement and sand taken in certain proportions. This is where the significant differences between the two types of tiles end and end.

The advantages of both are excellent sound insulation, which is very important for houses with attic. Also, thanks to the locking connection of individual elements, the tiles are very resistant to snow and wind load. The only thing she is “afraid” is a big city. And so, materials used in its production are not subject to sunlight, aging, and resistant to atmospheric phenomena. So by no means fairy tales and no exaggeration if they tell you that the tiled roof stood for a hundred years!

And, finally, the last word in the laudage of this roofing material will be the word about its aesthetic side. Today, you can see the tiles of all kinds of forms and colors, everything tastes the customer. Of course, cement-sand tiles have not yet acquired the beauty and prevalence as its “relative, but manufacturers promise us that in the near future the assortment will expand significantly.