Do the insulation of facades in Kyiv and forget about the cold in the apartment

The postulate that the sled should be prepared in the winter, regarding the insulation of the facades, as always relevant. In the flesh before the arrival of cold weather, I reassured myself with my thoughts, about the reaction of Zhek to my letter demanding the insulation of the facades. Kyiv, the city is not poor, but getting from officials the right solution is quite problematic. A competently compiled letter with a clear indication of existing problems with heating and low temperature in the room, it was supposed to take the effect. All this was aggravated by the presence of mold on the end wall due to the penetration of water through the interpanel joints. The house is quite old, 50 years old. The first buildings of the Khrushchev in the area. Of the above inconvenience, the most dangerous is mold, due to the fact that because of it the child often suffers from colds.

Tired of waiting for an answer from Zhek, dared to local elimination of mold. Carried out internal insulation of the wall on his own. The price of such insulation is not so high, but the result, in principle, is the same. It was possible to destroy the mold. To the touch the wall is not so cold. You can even say that warm, but the temperature in the room rose slightly. That it would not violate the ventilation of the walls, I pushed the furniture from the end wall, in order to avoid re -formation of mold.

A month later, an official response came from Zhek. First, complaints about the lack of funding, and at the end the expected answer is that this year the facade insulation will not be carried out. Which is already an unsubscription. From this, the room was gone warmer. Without waiting for the arrival of cold weather and not the possibility of insulation of the outer wall, I began to search for contractors. Found an interesting offer on the Internet. The contractor publishes the addresses of its work on the insulation of facades. Having visited the specified address, I appreciated their work. I liked what I saw. High -quality work and no hidden flaws. It remains only to call the phone and call the wizard-wizard. Measured and drawing up the contract took no more than an hour. They promised to do the work in three days. The prepayment amount was 60%. Without any excesses, and in exactly the time of work on insulation of the facade were fulfilled in full

The outer wall even somehow transformed. I will not hide that I also considered an alternative way of insulation using high -technological material – thermocol. It is a mastic that is applied with a roller or brush. Layer thickness 2-3 millimeters. According to the manufacturer, this is tantamount to insulation of the facade with a foam of 10 cm. But the price is not at all equivalent. It turns out quite expensive. In addition, I did not find adequate reviews about this material. I was afraid to experiment, so I chose the classic way of insulation of the facade.

We also perform the installation of suspended ceilings in Kyiv

Vadim Kolisnichenko