Repair tips »Types of roofs for a bathhouse

September 6 (th), 2012 Published by the user Admin Tags: materials, wallpaper, walls, foundation of the heading: bathhouse

Maybe you never thought about it, but the roof for the bath can be performed in a variety of ways, or rather they can have a different geometric shape. So, on this basis, today, the roofs of the pitched and flat type are distinguished. These two species are also divided into several others, but this is not about that. First of all, consider the pitched roofs. Such bath structures can be attic or, conversely. The roofs of the first subspecies represent a simple design that is not insulated. But the second subspecies can sometimes be insulated, but this, again, at the request of the developers themselves. Consider another classification that is based on the number of slopes. The most common on baths are single -sided. They have nothing special, just such a roof has a support in the form of two walls that differ from each other. No less popular are gable surfaces. Just installing and buying this type of roof will cost you a little more. And you have to spend more time on its installation. In addition to the above, the roofs of a half -veral type should overpower. They differ in their forms of cross -section of the ends, and they no longer have fundamental differences. There are very complex roofs, but we do not recommend using them on baths that have small sizes and a small foundation depth. These types include tent, attic. Their design requires attracting high -class specialists. All experienced experts recommend for baths to use a single -sloping or gable roof. The best is considered single -to -shoe, the slope of which does not exceed five percent. The cost of such a roof will be minimal compared to other. Gables should be used when you want to have an attic where you will store any inventory. Judge for yourself, as a rule, the area of ​​the baths is small, on average it is only twelve square meters. In such conditions, it is more advisable to use a roof of a single -sloping species and an unreasonable subspecies. If the size of the bath is more than the specified value, then make a gable surface.