Sliding interior doors or swing doors

Sooner or later, every owner is faced with the question: which doors are best used as a space separator between rooms? Both sliding and swing doors have a lot of pluses and minuses.

Sliding doors are a sort of ersatz of a real door. Their disadvantages can be enlisted that they cannot be made of completely natural materials, they often and quickly wear out and their appearance will in any case will give in to the appearance of swing full -fledged doors. By the way, do not forget to choose new hoses, tubes and fittings John Guest sells them inexpensively.

The swing doors also have their drawbacks – they cannot be installed in a number of cases. For example, when cabinets (chests of drawers, mirrors, shoe shelves are on both sides of the doorway, no matter what exactly). It will not be possible to install such doors in the case of a small living space.

Sliding doors become a real salvation for those whose living space of houses and apartments is limited. They can be installed both completely driving away and forming in an accordion (with a complete deficit of the place).

Remember that it does not matter what size your living space is the most important thing is that it is impeccably clean and neat. Cleanliness is the first rule of comfort. And the doors also need to be cleaned, and no matter what kind of type they are. With ordinary water, you will bring dust over them, so it is better to use a polish to clean them, and wipe it with a clean cloth every 3 to 5 days.