Natural stone in modern construction

Modern construction is distinguished by rapid development, all new materials and technologies for their application are constantly emerging. But what are the materials that were used not ten or fifty years ago, but one hundred and five hundred. It is primarily about natural stone, which, along with wood and clay of the millennium, was the main building material on the planet. At the moment, the stone is used except for decorative purposes, large and more supporting structures have not been built from it for a long time. The stone is used when decorating the basement, laying paths and sometimes when laying the foundation in the role of filler. Although it is worth it to make a reservation that there are people who build or are ready to build a house made of natural stone. You can also buy vinyl siding, suppliers’ prices are not very high.

Such construction can be called unique and very rare. Here a lot plays the role of a scarecling nature. Firstly, the construction of natural stone is distinguished by incredible high cost and here we are talking not only about the high cost of the material, but also about payment for construction work. Secondly, this construction requires laying a huge foundation. Well, as for the pluses, this is of course exclusivity, durability and reliability of the structure.