Sloping foundation

Slotted foundation – belongs to the strip. The peculiarity of this foundation is the laying of the solution in a dug trench. This type of foundation for clay soil is used. Slopy foundations are mainly erected during the structure of low -rise buildings. They are more economical compared to classical structures due to the lack of the need for formwork to the entire height. Accordingly, the volume of work is reduced. Since the work is carried out in clay soil, it is recommended to pour the solution immediately after preparing the cracks, otherwise when drying the soil can crumble and mix with concrete. The quality of the work performed from this. Such types of foundation should be located below the level of freezing of the soil. Also, if you lay the slit foundation not very deep, then you need to take into account the possible deformation. The facet’s line has an uneven surface, since there is no formwork, as a result of which there is a large adhesion to the soil. In the future, this can lead to the raising of the entire structure and the entire foundation tape can be destroyed. Slication of walls is also possible. That is why a slotted foundation is best used on non -floodplain soils.