The device of the blind area

After the construction of the chosen type of foundation, it is also necessary to take all measures in order to protect it from the possible adverse influence of external climatic factors. It should be borne in mind that the tinting buildings and plums provided for rain and snow (or rather water formed as a result of its melting) usually have a way out in close proximity to the edge of the foundation of the building. Therefore, in the absence of such a device as a blind area intended for the removal of atmospheric and other waters from the foundations of structures, the soil around the base of the buildings of inequa


It is numbly moisturized, gradually destroying the foundation, which leads to shrinkage and formation of cracks in the structure itself. The blind area usually has a width of 500 – 1000 mm. For the device, the blind area around the base of the building is made in the ground a recess with a depth of 100 – 150 mm, lay a layer of soft clay there and compact it, while forming the desired angle of slope. Then they fall asleep with gravel, compacted and poured with cement mortar. At the edges of the blind area, it is necessary to arrange a structure to drain water. It can be a ditch, compacted by gravel, or sawn along the asbestos -cement pipe.