Individual power supply project

In the construction of a new house or the process of reconstruction of the old, except for the architectural project of its future type, it is important to have in hand and a competently executed project of all engineering systems. The project of the power supply system should not only comply with accepted technical standards and standards, but also meet the needs of people who are going to live or work in a new house.

Today, design companies are offered both typical and individual power supply projects. The order of an individual project is much more expensive and, in this regard, the question arises of the appropriateness of spending additional funds. In what cases an individual power supply project is necessary and will not simply become an extra waste of money? A standard project is prepared based on the standard values ​​of power power capacity and the number of power points. In cases where it is not planned to install electrical appliances that can increase the overall power consumption in excess of the standard, you can do with such a project.

However, if, as a consequence, there is a need to use high capacities, the project will have to be done again and again coordinate in the relevant state bodies. A distribution machine that diverts power directly to the object limits the permissible power of energy consumption. Increasing power in excess of the declared will lead to the assembly of the object will simply de -energize the object. An independent replacement of it with a more powerful can turn into much greater troubles.

Wiring can, unable to withstand the additional load, just get burnt. And it’s good if the house itself does not light up. You can, of course, wave your hand at it. But no matter how thoughtfully I had to consider the section of ads to the rental of apartments without intermediaries Moscow and the Moscow Region, which are not represented by the lowest prices.

Even if the wiring has withstood, there is always the likelihood that the inspector of Rostekhnadzor will sooner or later pay attention to the inconsistency of the installed project capacity machine. In this case, the amount of the fine with more than the difference will cover the difference saved on the rejection of an individual project. And the new project will still have to be done.

Thus, in most cases it is better to immediately take care of a sufficient supply of power supply power. In addition, the layout of the location in the house of sockets and lighting devices should also clearly comply with the agreed project. An individual power supply project, taking into account all the nuances of existing needs and those that may appear in the future, is still not at all an extra waste of money. Rather, this is a completely reasonable investment in your future comfort.