How to choose the right coffee maker for home and office. Which coffee maker to choose

The fact that it is sometimes impossible to do without a cup of coffee is an axiom. Accordingly, the coffee maker should be in every house. But how to choose a coffee maker, exactly the one we need. After all, there are many types and models, and again you have to make a choice. What are the selection criteria? How to choose a home coffee maker, and what is its difference from a coffee maker for an office ..

To answer the last question is easiest – it all depends on the ratio of family members and office staff. If the performance of the coffee maker is up to ten cups per day, then it makes no sense to keep it in the office. This is a home option. Regarding the productivity of the device, you can ask the sales consultant.

The next selection criterion is determined by which coffee – ground or in grains – you prefer. It is no secret that previously ground coffee is somewhat inferior in taste to the freshly grinding of coffee beans. But also the price of coffee makers of prepaid coffee of grains is slightly higher. You should decide which coffee maker to choose based on the price ratio and financial capabilities.

Subsequently, it is necessary to choose from several options. The simplest device is a geyser coffee maker. It differs in simplicity of operation. In addition, coffee grounds do not fall into the cup. They are more compact and their cost is relatively low. But at the same time, such coffee makers must be thoroughly washed with running water after use, it is impossible to get coffee with foam, a high level of caffeine in coffee.

Filter coffee makers provide the opportunity to cook coffee simultaneously for several people, prepared coffee has a peculiar taste, and will save you from coffee grounds in a cup. Although they will give you a guess on coffee grounds. But the cooking time is slightly larger – at least 15 minutes, and caffeine literally “rolls over”.

Capsular coffee makers uses ground coffee, packed in a special shell – capsule. Through the capsule inserted into a coffee maker under high pressure, water passes 87 – 92 degrees, and at the output a cup of coffee is obtained. The device provides stable quality of coffee, which is very easily prepared, there is no coffee grounds in a coffee maker, and, therefore, it is easier to wash it.

At the same time, such coffee makers of the road in operation (a portion of coffee is much higher than coffee made of grains), ground coffee has lost part of the qualities, the strength of coffee cannot be adjusted, as a rule, only certain capsules are suitable for certain coffee houses.

Manual (lacture) coffee makers are most used in restaurants. They use ground coffee or coffee in tablets, which is laid in the horn. The horn is inserted into a coffee maker and through it under pressure a stream of hot water is passed. With the help of such devices, you can prepare coffee of various taste qualities, use any kind of ground coffee, with different parameters of grinding, it is possible to choose the sourness and bitterness of the drink.

However, the horn requires careful care and washing.

To choose the right coffee maker, you should pay attention to cereal coffee makers (coffee machines). They allow you to prepare several types of drink – from the simplest coffee to Latte – by pressing one button. With all their advantages, their rather high cost and dimensions are slightly alarmed.

The choice is yours. Pleasant caffeating!